TEKMAN CO., LTD. strategically established its business operations in the World's Fastest Growing region throughout ASIA. TMG is designed to provide all customers, in various market segments with a total manufacturing solution, with exceeding their time to Market demands, at a cost structure below their internal structure. 

Interconnect products featured for Cable/Connector cover a broad range of D-Sub, Centronic/SCSI, DIN 41612, DIN & Mini-DIN, Edge Card, IC & PLCC Sockets, Board to Board, FPC/FFC, Future Bus, Hard Metric, USB, Fire Wire, DVI, Displayport, Smart Card, Stereo Jack, Modular Jack, Fiber Optic, RF, Battery Connector, Compact Flash/Smart Media Cards, SIMM, Switch, etc. Products for high-speed data transmission over copper cable, VHDCI, Filtered modular jack with LED, SFP & QSFP, in fiber optics, transceiver/receiver SFF LC transceiver, discrete optical diode, pigtail cable etc. Various products in PTH(through-hole) & SMT(surface mount).

Power products cover hot swappable, true power sharing, power factor corrector(PFC) and N+1 redundant, DC-DC/AC-DC converters, wall mount charger, desk-top switching power supplies, open & closed frame U-channel, compact PCI type, winding products, transformers, magnetic transformer for LAN, WAN, E1/T1 applications, & SMT inductors.
Our products & services vary in all markets: 

   *Services  -  Custom Design and Development, Mold-Injection; 

   *Component Mfg.  -  Cable Assemblies, Interconnect Products, Power Supplies;

   *Consumer Goods  -  All-in-One PC card readers, External Mass Storage devices and  accessories,
                                            Networking Devices & Equipment for wired & wirelessLAN solutions etc. 

We operate as an OEM/ODM manufacturer for world class organizations and local market 
consumption under our brand names in Connector & Cable Products,Power Supplies & 
Networking components.